Corona update

These are still uncertain times in trade also. For some more, for others less.
First of all, we hope that you all are doing well!

Fortunately, our team can be present every day to process and ship your orders.
DPD is also still working hard to deliver orders to the door, perhaps with some delay caused by the total of online sales.

We are currently receiving messages from our suppliers, here and there with more insight into deliveries from June, July a.s.
Due to the forced closings, the start-up cannot be realized immediately and deliveries will not be immediately complete.

DecoArt supplies from May from stock, from that time they may start production again.
Pébéo will be available from 11th May as they may start production again.
Stafil has started. with partial delivery, many products have yet to be produced.

We try to keep the information on the website as up to date as possible, depending on what the suppliers indicate.
We hope for your understanding, always let us know where we can be of service to you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team, either by telephone or by email.

Above all, stay healthy,

best regards

Team KippersHobby

06-07-2020, 14:20