You are worth gold!

If that's not an all-important Valentine's Day message....!
Homemade with love. These gifts are perfect for your valentine.

28-01-2022, 12:00

How do you make this?
Candy jar

  • Trace the wooden heart with a pen onto the self-adhesive foil.
  • If necessary, draw the heart a little bit smaller so that it will fit nicely on the jar of your choice.
  • Remove one side of the foil and stick the heart on the jar.
  • First apply a coat of White Gesso.
  • Now you can apply the gold paint with a sponge.
  • Make sure the whole jar is well covered.
  • Also paint the lid in the same gold shade.
  • Let this dry completely.
  • When the jar is dry, you can tie various ribbons around it.
  • Fill the jar with candy.
    While it is drying you can already start with the next project.

Wooden heart:

  • Before you start painting, remove the cord from the heart, so it stays nice and clean.
  • Apply the gold paint to the wooden heart, leaving the edges white.
  • Paint the bead gold as well.
  • Tip: You can easily paint the bead by sticking it on the back of a brush.
  • Let everything dry well.
  • When the heart is dry, you can print the stamp with black stamping ink.
  • With the black marker you can add small 'doodles' such as hearts and stripes.
  • Thread the cord through the heart again and attach the bead on top.

Keychain 'House+Love=home':

  • Tie the leftover ribbon (which are left over from the jar) to the wooden hanger.
  • You can edit the wooden hanger, but it is also very beautiful blank.
  • In the example, we glued a wooden heart on it and wrote the text 'House+love=home' on the back.
  • A nice Valentine's gift but also nice to give as a gift at a new home.

What do you need?
Candy jar

  • A glass jar
  • Decorative ribbon set (45237)
  • Extreme sheen paint, gold (31780)
  • Sponge sticks (6762) or a roller (94585)
  • Self-adhesive foil (19755)

Wooden heart:

  • Extreme sheen paint, gold (31780)
  • Wooden heart (44994)
  • Fudebiyori black (250195) or a PITT artist pen (167099)
  • Stamp (42397)
  • Black stamp ink

Keychain 'House+Love=home':

  • Wooden pendant house (44678)
  • Decorative ribbon set (45237)


3.3171 - JeJe - Transp.Sticky Film


1 sheet / A4
SZ-000-031 - Tsukineko - Jet Black


CBK-55N/010 - Kuretake / ZIG - (010)Black

Kuretake / ZIG

FC-167099 - Faber Castell - Black

Faber Castell

SR001 - Nellies Choice - Sponge Roller

Nellie's Choice

3057-03 - Stafil - Hanger, naturel/white


DPM04-30 - DecoArt - 24K Gold


930000400 - ViVa Decor - Sponge Brushes

ViVa Decor