InkPad-Northern Pine

Size / Content: 32x50mm

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MEMENTO DewDrops stamping ink

  • Waterbased 
  • Acid-free
  • Does not fade
  • Dries quickly on most paper surfaces
  • Perfect for detailed stamps
  • With the tip of the ink pad you can easily ink corners and details on your stamp, with the rest of the ink pad you can ink larger parts of your stamp.
  • Ideal ink in combination with markers.

Characteristic Dye ink

  • Firm felt ink pad, feels like it has a little bite of fabric over the ink pad
  • The ink is thin and transparent
  • Absorbs into the paper
  • Dries very quick
  • The color of the print is most of the time darker than the color on the ink pad 
  • It's a bite more difficult to see if your stamp is well inked
  • On darker paper (such as craft paper) is the print less visable because it absorbs in to the paper 
  • Not suitable for heat embossing