Jewellery Glue

Size / Content: 25gr.
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Type of glue: Collall Jewellery Glue is a strong, filling glue that is indispensable for anyone who likes to make jewellery. Essentially formulated to create and repair jewellery. The very fine dosing cap makes it possible to work very accurately.


  • White liquid
  • Quick drying
  • Strong bonding
  • Transparent after drying

Solvent: Water

Main component: Acrylic


Density: 1,04 kg/dm3

Typical use: Not tested. Normal use is one drop at a time.

Application: For bonding ornaments for jewelry, rhinestones, beads and other small parts. For jewelry making.

Processing: Use this glue straight from the bottle. The bottle has a fine opening for very precise use of the glue.

Allergens: CMIT/MIT en 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one.

Suitable for: 8+

Cleaning: tools can be cleaned with water while the glue is still wet. If desired, a synthetic detergent can be added to the water. Traces of dried glue  should be soaked in warm water and then removed with a brush.